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Website Design, Photography

About the Client

Cornbread Hemp is a Louisville, KY-based CBD company, founded in 2019 just months after the Farm Bill passed in November of 2018, declaring hemp and hemp-derived CBD federally legal.

The brand has a rich history and the company has a lot of subject matter expertise. Through this project, I learned how Kentucky was America’s largest producer of hemp in the 19th & 20th centuries.

It also happens to be that the hometown of one of Cornbread Hemp’s cofounders was the scene of the largest marijuana syndicate and subsequent bust in American History. He naturally took a journalistic interest in the story and recorded this crazy tale of true events in a 2011 book entitled The Cornbread Mafia.

Cornbread Hemp offers full spectrum distilled CBD oils, capsules, and topicals to customers searching for natural pain and anxiety relief.

The Goal

Cornbread Hemp initially had their website built by a well-established marketing company in Louisville. They did a professional job, but Cornbread was more or less stuck and unable to edit or change various aspects of the website.

That approach can be helpful for less tech-savvy clients, but the guys at Cornbread know their way around technology and wanted to get more hands-on with their marketing. Our goal was to free them up to be able to try new campaigns, layouts, and messaging all without having to be tied to a developer.

Another initiative of ours was new product photos for the store. Cornbread just rolled out several new product variations of their topical oils and lotions. We staged a product shoot and had a ton of fun! Check out how the photos turned out below.

Comparing their distilled oil with other popular CBD brands was also incredibly enlightening. They take their oil through an extra process to remove the unwanted plant wax and chlorophyll from their tincture.

Many companies aren’t doing this, and as a result, don’t taste good or look as good. Cornbread’s oil stands apart from the rest as a strikingly pure and beautiful translucent-gold color. Compare that to popular oils like Plus CBD, and you can see why they’ve already received so many good reviews.

Last, we wanted to touch up the design and layout a bit to increase conversions while highlighting some of the key benefits and unique identifiers of their brand.

The Results

The website migration and redesign was completed in only 3 days, and product photos from start to finish were completed in just 1 day! Talk about a race to the finish.

We determined the home page should be more product-focused. Before the hero image was a video of a hemp field, and while it looked beautiful, we thought it could be more direct with a product image. We also added a customer reviews slider to reinforce social proof before displaying their products.

In addition to this, we created a pop-up to promote a free CBD guide and 10% off coupon as a lead magnet. It generated several leads on the first day we put it up!

The guys at Cornbread were excited to have better control over their website and were thrilled with the results. Fewer calls to third party development companies led to an immediate increase in efficiency and cost savings.

We’re excited to see the future of this company and expect big things in the year to come. Thanks for the memories team Cornbread!

"He Can Literally Do It All"

“Evan is one of the best web designers I have worked with. He can literally do it all. Design and build the site, take pictures, write copy, you name it. Even more, he does it extremely fast and with great attention to detail. Evan is exactly the kind of web developer you want on your team. And he’s just a really really good dude. We love having him around. Thanks for all of your hard work Evan!”

Eric Zipperle

Cornbread Hemp
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